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I would like to introduce Diabetes Wellness Clinics of America protocol, the “First and Only” Diabetes reversal program (Ambulatory Reversal Program) that is Affordable, Cultural sensitive (Ethnic group in mind) and easy to follow (no change in your live style).
For the past eleven years, Dr. Martinez the leading expert on type II diabetes has created a program that will reverse the damage in the pancreas on type II diabetic. Dr. Martinez wants to shares his Ambulatory Reversal Program (ARP) with you or your clinic.  Dr. Martinez has revamped his Ambulatory Reversal Program (ARP) protocol to include the latest in studies diabetes and weight loss methods being implemented to his patients. New fast track 21 day diabetes wellness program treatment that is cultural sensitive medical protocols allow physicians to earn over $1,500.00 per patient per year. Learn all of the various treatment methods being used as well as receive complete protocols and medical contraindications for the entire ARP program. Dr. Martinez understands the concept of creating a diabetes program can be complicate and time consuming as it relates to protocols, patient education, nutrition, and in creating an office staff environment dedicated to a diabetes program integrated into your practice.

Dr. Martinez has streamlined this process by creating the patient steps by steeps needed for various patients and pattern testing as indicated for the different types of patients within your practice. Initial consultation questionnaires as well as the various forms and protocols are digitally included as part of the program as well as a detailed outline of how to get started. Included within the program are the "pearls" you will need to be successful, learn the need for the various diet plans for pre-existing patient conditions (i.e. diabetes). Understand that other conditions can exist (i.e. hormones) as it relates to weight gain, fatigue, or chronic pain that may influence how you approach your patients.

How often do you see the same patients year after year and advise them about their lifestyle, diabetes and weight issues that affect their daily health. How often do your patients encounter medical problems due to their diabetes such as heart, kidney, vision and obesity?

As their physician do not just advice and consult with these patients, offer to them a physician prescribed and clinical tested diabetes reversal and weight loss program, which also create an additional revenue center to your practice. The market for diabetes care is almost $174 billion dollars and companies like pharmaceutical make up over $58B in annual revenues. Offer your patients a higher standard of care and give them the tools to permanently modify their lifestyle and increase your standard of care for your practice!

Most diabetes treatment do not work because the patient does not feel better or feel better about themselves then there is a greater chance that the results will be temporary. The importance of making the patient in charge of their diabetes...

At the present time, we are offering your organization an opportunity to joint us in the Meza, Arizona for the reviewing our program.  Diabetes Wellness Clinics of America is looking for partners in your City or Country to establish a partnership or to open a Diabetes Wellness Clinics of America in your City.

If you would like to increase your income by $450,000 to $1,000,000 (Dollars) per year you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.  Clink here to calculate your income with your current diabetic patients. <Calculate>

Physicians will be presented with a proven marketing strategy to incorporate an effective, permanent into their practice. Diabetes Wellness Center of America partners are emerging in popularity because of the never-ending supply of patients that require weight management and the abundant new income source that is created for a medical practice.

With diabetes on the verge of surpassing smoking as the #1 cause of preventable death, Primary care physicians owe it to themselves and their patients to provide the most current information and diabetes treatment options available.




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