Hope Diabetes Center Fiber Point System

We have experienced such profound results with our program that we provide the following guarantee:

  • 21 day money back
  • If the patient does not agree that he experienced a dramatic improvement in his diabetic condition over the initial twelve months in our program and we concur that the improvement is not reflective of our experience (as compared to those with a similar initial condition when entering our program) HDC will promptly refund a significant portion, and possibly all, of the fees the patient paid us during his or her initial year in our recovery program.
Health Care Awards to Dr. Martinez for his Diabetic Work in 2008.
Three major Arizona insurance companies have just awarded Dr. Pedro Martinez significant funding due to the effectiveness of his treatment on their patients in 2008 to 2011. This has been the fifth straight year he has been so awarded by companies such as Pacific Care, HealthNet of Arizona, and Mercy Care - Arizona’s Medicaid program. Not only does Aurora save lives and suffering, in the process we save money for the insurers due to our positive outcomes.




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